Plan Review Submittal Process

Plan Review Submittal Process2019-05-29T22:30:51-05:00

(for Architect, Interior Designer, Engineer, Landscape Architect, Design-Builder and Building Owner)

Please forward the following information via email, mail or courier service to Barrier Free Texas within 20 working days of the date of construction documents issuance:

  • Two options for the Design Professional, Designer, Owner or Owner’s Agent:
    • Self-service: File online using the TDLR Online Project Registration Form and pay the $175 fee to the State of Texas/TDLR. When complete, email us a copy of the project registration confirmation page (which lists the EABPRJ number). Please note that because you are directly paying the State of Texas –TDLR Project Filing Fee, deduct $175 from the Plan Review Fee listed in the fee schedule.
    • Full-serviceAlternatively, download the TDLR/Architectural Barriers Project Registration Form (#005AB), complete the fields, and email it to Barrier Free Texas. We will register the project for you, pay the fee, and email the EABPRJ number immediately to you. Please note that the State of Texas –TDLR Project Filing Fee of $175 is included within the fee schedule amount.
  • Additional Submittal Requirements:
    • Contact Barrier Free Texas with your preferred method of payment and Barrier Free Texas will forward the appropriate invoice to you by email. Submit a credit card, debit card, bank account transfer, check or PayPal payment to “Barrier Free Texas” per the fee schedule below.
    • Email a signed and dated Proof of Submission Form (#042AB) from the Design Professional.
    • Email a signed and dated Owner Agent Designation Form (#043AB) from the Property Owner (if a third party will represent the owner for the inspection).
    • Email a complete digital set of Construction Documents (Sealed, Signed and Dated) including the TDLR/TAS Forms, Addendum, Specifications and Consultant Drawings to Barrier Free Texas (ie…pdf files, dropbox or other digital medium) OR mail/courier the plan review submittal package (ie….roll of drawings or a project CD).

Please Note – Barrier Free Texas is NOT required to have the Original completed and signed forms per the TDLR. We accept emails of the completed, signed and dated forms for the plan reviews and inspections.

Fee Schedule

Please note that pre-payment of the inspection fee is strongly encouraged at the time of submittal for the TDLR/TAS Plan Review. This is especially critical if the project will be completed within the same year. If you file online (“self-service”) as outlined above, deduct $175 from the Plan Review Fee listed in the fee schedule.

 Project Construction CostPlan Review FeeInspection Fee *Combined Review and
Inspection Fee *
1$ 50,000 - $ 200,000$625$475$1,100
2$ 200,001 - $ 500,000$690$500$1,190
3$ 500,001 - $ 1,000,000$755$525$1,280
4$ 1,000.001 - $ 5,000,000$820$570$1,390
5$ 5,000,000 - $ 10,000,000$950$700$1,650
6$ 10,000,001 - $ 15,000,000$990$745$1,735
7$ 15,000,001 - $ 25,000,000$1,160$910$2,070
8$ 25,000,001 - $ 50,000,000$1,330$1,080$2,410
9$ 50,000,001 - $ 75,000,000$1,535$1,300$2,835
10Over $ 75,000,000NegotiableNegotiableNegotiable

* An inspection travel fee applies to projects located outside of Dallas; please contact us to confirm the cost.
** Fees as of 6/1/2019

Post Construction Inspection

TDLR requires a post-construction inspection within one year of job completion. (Barrier Free Texas recommends the inspection be performed before the contractors leave the job site.) The inspection fee is due before or at the time of the inspection per the statute. Contact Barrier Free Texas two weeks prior to the desired inspection date.

  • Post-Construction Inspection Process:
    • Step 1: Email the “Request For Inspection Form” to Barrier Free Texas prior to the required one time inspection
    • Step 2: Email the “Inspection Response Form” to Barrier Free Texas once the inspections corrections are completed